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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rāsāthi Onna Kānādha Nenju

A slow paced beautiful solo from the movie Vaidhéhi Kāthirundhāl [1985] was composed by Maestro Illayaraja; the song was written by Vaali and separately sung by S.Jeyachandran and Jaanaki.

Originally the song was composed in F minor scale, by the way C minor scale is also fits well. I have TABed  the song in C minor scale.

Continue reading to get the Chords/TAB of the song along with a brief explanation...

[Cm] Rāsāthi onna Kānādha nenju
[Bb] Kāththādi Polādu [Cm] dhu x2

[Cm] Rāsāthi onna Kānādha nenju
[Bb] Kāththādi Polādu [Cm] dhu x2
[Bb] Pozhudhāgip pochchu velakéththi yāchchu
Ponmāne [Eb] onna [F] Thédu [Gm] dhu

[Cm] Rāsāthi onna Kānādha nenju
[Bb] Kāththādi Polādu [Cm] dhu

[Eb] Kannukkoru vannak kili
[Bb] Kādhukkoru Gānak kuyil
[Eb] Nenjikkoru [Bb] Vanjikkodi
Neethānam [Eb] mā x2
[Eb] Thaththith thava [F] lum thangach chimi [Eb] zhé
[Eb] Pongip peru [F] gum sangath thami [Eb] zhé
[Cm] Muththam thara niththam varum natchchaththiram
[Cm] Yārodu ingu
[G] Enakkenna [Cm] Pechchu
[Cm] Neethāne Kanne
[G] Nān Vāngum [Cm] Moochchu
[Bb] Vāzhndhāga [F] Vendum
[Gm] Vā vā [Cm] Kanné

[Cm] Rāsaathi onna Kānādha nenju
[Bb] Kāththādi Polādu [Cm] dhu

[Eb] Mangai Oru gangai yena
[Bb] Mannan oru Kannan yena
[Eb] Kādhil oru [Bb] Kādhal Kadhai
Sonnālen [Eb] na x2
[Eb] Aththai maga [F] lo māman maga [Eb] lo
[Eb] Sondham edhu [F] vo bandham edhu [Eb] vo
[Cm] Sandhiththadhum sindhiththadhum thiththiththida
[Cm] Ammādi neeyum [G] illādha [Cm] nānum
[Cm] Venmegam vandhu [G] neendhādha [Cm] vānam
[Bb] Thāngādha [F] Yekkam
[Gm] Podhum [Cm] Podhum

[Cm] Rāsaathi onna Kānādha nenju

This is one of my all-time favorite song; beautifully orchestrated contextual music flows like a stream tides down to the river. Instrumental arrangements and combination are very pleasant to the ear and mind. by the way the lyrics is fully folk and also very easy to remember. Actually this is a great song to play on a guitar.

when we play the melody on C minor scale, the guitar’s fret board has more rooms for play this melody using the highest three strings [G]3, [B]2 and [e]1 from the 5th Fret on and the other way if it was F minor we should move the fingers towards the 10th fret on of the 3rd String.

These are NOT rules, applicable according to the attached TAB sheet. You may free to play anywhere on the fret board if you found the right notes (or scale) and the pitch (High or Low voicing) fits to the melody in a position on the fret board that could really convenient to move your fingers.

Finger Chart for the TAB
The following Fret board illustration showing the finger placement of the melody notes found in the attached TAB sheet.

Technically the time signature of the song is 3/4, because it wouldn’t be complicated for a newbie to find the starting position of the melody, yeah! it is exactly starting at the first beat of the bar. In fact 3/4 meter is very simple to identify. Even though, it’s NOT a composing of showing all the characteristics that you would usually expect from a particular group of composers using 3/4 meter, it was a simply complex composing from a music genius called Maestro Illayaraja (a well renown south Indian composer) most of his composing are marvelous, we cannot normally understand the rhythm and variations found on his composing, that’s the reason it would feel somewhat complicated.

Carefully listen the beat side of the song because it’s very important to catching a melody how it travels with the rhythm. Now it does accented like [12]3 not as usually accented as 1[23]. Listen to a lot of songs composed in 3/4 meter to recognize the beat accents.

Note:  as you play the song in a string instrument [Guitar or Violin etc.] apply suitable techniques [such as sliding, hammer-on/off, vibrato, tremolo, bending etc.] on the notes whenever it’s possible to make the melody more humanize without distressing its anima.

Full sheet music built-in audio samples [midi or mp3].

I hope you will enjoy! And your comments are really welcome.

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