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Monday, March 7, 2016

Pārththa Mudhal Nālé

A slow paced beautiful duet song from the movie Véttayādu Villayādu [2006] was composed by Harris Jeyarāj (is one of the leading south Indian music composer); the song was written by Thāmarai and sung by Unni Menon with Bombay Jayasree (is an Oscar nominated singer for “Pi’s Lullaby”, which was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Original Song category for the 2012 film Life of Pi)

The song was composed in C minor scale based on the Techno music genre.

Continue reading to get the Chords/TAB of the song along with a brief explanation...

[Cm] Pārththa mudhal nālé unnai
[Gm] Pārththa mudhal nā [Bb]
[Cm] Kātchchip pizhai polé unnarndhén
[Gm] Kātchchip pizhai po [Bb]
Órr [Bb] alayāi vandhé [Cm] yenai adiththāi
[Bb] kadalāi māri pin [Fm] yenai iluth [G7] thāi;
Yen [Cm] padhādhai [Gm] thāngiya
[Fm] un mugam un mugam
[G7] yendrum marayā [Cm] dhé

[Cm] Kāttik kodukiradhé kanné
[Gm] Kāttik kodukira [Bb] dhé
[Cm] Kādhal vzhikiradhé kannil
[Gm] Kādhal vzhikira [Bb] dhé
Un [Bb] vizhiyil vazhiyum [Cm] Priyangalai
[Bb] Pārththén kadandhén [Fm] Pagalira [G7] vai
Un [Cm] Alādhi [Gm] anbinil
[Fm] Nanaindha pin Nanaindha pin
[G7] Nānum mazhaiyā [Cm] nén

[Cm] Kālai yelundhadhum En kangal mudhalil
[Gm] Thédip pidipadhundhan[F] Mugamé
[Dm] Thookkam varugaiyil Kan pārkkum kadaisi
[F] Kātchchikkul nitpadhu un [Cm] Mugamé
[Cm] Enaippatri enakké Theriyaadha palavum
[Gm] Neeyarindhu nadapadhai [F] Viyappén
[Dm] Unayedhum kétkāmal Unadhāsai anaiththum
[F] Niraivéttra véndummendru [Cm] Thavippén
[Cm] Pogindrén Ena Nee Pala nooru muraigal
vidaipettrum Pogāmal [Gm] iruppāi
[Gm] Sariyendru Sariyendru [Cm] Unai poga solli
[[Bb] Kadhavoram naanum nitkka [Cm] Sirippāi] x2

Male: [Cm] Kāttik kodukkiradhé
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Female: Orr [Bb] Alayāi vandhé
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Male: Un [Cm] Alādhi anbinil
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


[Cm] Unai marandhu nee Thookkaththil siriththaai
[Gm] Thoongāmal adhai kandu [F] Rasiththén
[Dm] Thookam marandhu naan Unai pārkkum kātchchi
[F] Kanavāga vandhadhendru [Cm] Ninaithén

[Cm] Yārum mānidaré Illādha idaththil
[Gm] Siru Veedu kattikkolla [F] Thondrum
[Dm] Neeyum nānumangé Vāzhhindra vāzhvai
[F] Marandhorum sedhukkida [Cm] Véndum

[Cm] Kanpārththu kadhaikka Mudiyāmal Nānum 
thavikkindra Oru pénnum [Gm] Neethān
[Gm] Kankotta mudiyāmal [Cm] Mudiyāmal pārthum
[[Bb] Salikkādha oru pénnum [Cm] Nee thān] x2

Female: [Cm] Pārththa mudhal nālé

There were number of songs composed in the past few decades in south Indian music industry related to the Techno* music genre but this one was very famous and beautifully mixed to the techno rhythm with Carnatic voices and also is one of the beautiful romantic duet song ever composed in the Tamil film music industry.

* Techno music is a type of electronic and dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres.

Finger Chart for the TAB
The following Fret board illustration showing the finger placement of the melody notes found in the attached TAB sheet.

Technically the time signature of the song is 4/4, the melody follows strictly the meter, chorus and verses are starting on the first beat of the bar. The melody contains long musical phrases* otherwise nothing much to talk about the song. Simple and easy to play melody using on a guitar or keyboard.

* Phrasing refers to an expressive shaping of music, and relates to the shaping of notes in time, tone color, dynamics, and other variables. Phrasing relates to the manner of playing the individual notes of a particular group of consecutive notes and the way they are weighted and shaped relative to one another.

Note:  as you play the song in a string instrument [Guitar or Violin etc.] apply suitable techniques [such as sliding, hammer-on/off, vibrato, tremolo, bending etc.] on the notes whenever it’s possible to make the melody more humanize without distressing its anima.

Full sheet music built-in audio samples [midi or mp3].

I hope you will enjoy! And your comments are really welcome.

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